Meet the Staff

Bethany Wilson, Administrative & Property Manager


Bethany has been on the WIP team since 2012.  She graduated from King College in Business Administration with a concentration in Management & Marketing.  Bethany loves forming good landlord tenant relationships in order to best serve the business and take care of those we house!

Michele, Howington, Office & Accounts Manager


We just celebrated Michele being with WIP over 15 years!  She has been involved in many aspects of the business and now does a great job managing our office and accounts.  You will enjoy being greeted by her lovely smile or pleasant voice on the phone!  We are blessed to have Michele on our team!

Duke Howington, Lead Maintenance & Repairs


We have a saying here at WIP, "If Duke can't do it, it can't be done!".  Duke has over 30 years of experience in construction- performing skilled projects ranging from HVAC, electrical,  roofing, block masonry, building houses & more!  Duke does not cut corners, he gets it right, and that's why we love him!

Johnny & Janet Howell, Groundskeeper @ Idle Hour Apts


We are so lucky to have this sweet couple as our groundskeepers at Idle Hour Place in Kingsport.  The property is always kept up and looking its best with these 2 around!  You will find Johnny mowing or weedeating all through the summer or salting the parking lot ensuring everyone's safety.

Rob Howington, handyman


Bubba is a tremendous help to those he works with. Taking direction from his dad, Duke, Bubba is quick to learn and take care of just about anything we throw his way!

Jeff Ashley, handyman


Jeff has been working with the Williams Properties team for several months and shown tremendous work ethic and knowledge. Jeff and Bubba work great together to get any job or task done (and always with a smile).