Bowie: BRAN Investments, LLC

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We started in 1963 with Roy & Lois Bowie having the insight to see the future development of Kingsport. The Bowie's developed on E Stone Dr the old Dunkin Donut, Western Steer, Econo Travel, Waffle House, Appco, Applebees, Taco Bell and the Kroger Center. These properties have passed now to the next generation, BRAN Investments GP,  who have re-developed the properties with RE-NEWED leases and NEW leases...a NEW Taco Bell, NEW Waffle House, REMODELED Kroger and Kroger Retail Shops & NEW Kroger Gas Station, NEW Longhorn Steak House and NEW Center on Stone Drive as well as Applebee's and Chevron...BROWSE

Kroger Shopping & Retail Center

Kroger opened in 1993. They have experienced over 25 years of success by being home to Kingsport's residents. Their expertise and care for the community has always been evident by the quality of foods and service. In 2016, Kroger spent several million dollars to remodel their interior with state of the art equipment and deco. BRAN Investments added to the outside building new roofs, new paving, 15 new HVAC systems, painting and general landscape improvements to put a fresh new face on an old established and 

welcomed friend.  

We are proud to be the home of MR CLEAN Drycleaners, state of the art EXALT GYM for the serious clients, the one and only SHOE REPAIR in Tri-Cities, TRI-CITIES MORTGAGE, the CUTS on the CORNER Beauty Shop, and NAIL DESIRE

1/2 ACRE Lot for LEASE

This commercial lot is at the entrance to the  Kroger Center It is located above the Waffle House and Taco Bell at the entrance of the Kroger Retail Shops. It would make a great location for an ATM Center, an Ice House, or a multitude of other small businesses.  For more info, contact Amy WIlliams 

Taco Bell

TACO BELL is on their second long term lease. This corner site was the home of the original Taco Bell for 25 years. At the end of their term, TACO BELL tore down the old building and BRAN built a brand new handsome TACO BELL for our current tenant to continue to occupy for 25 more years. 

Waffle House

Waffle House ended its first 25 year lease with us in 2004 at which time they tore down the old building and rebuilt a NEW WAFFLE HOUSE with a new long-term lease. Waffle House has been around for decades, even surviving the Great Depression. No better place to go for a cup of coffee and breakfast 24 hours a day. The Waffle House is at the entrance to the Kroger Center

The Center at Stone Drive


WING-STOP, the MATTRESS FIRM and SURF & BREW. KBM Builders lease this property from BRAN. They are state of the art strip shopping buildings that are located on E Stone Drive with 66,000 cars daily passing in a retail location. These sites are excellent for many types of businesses. Kreg Ramey with KBM Builders is the contact person to lease a space at this site.

Longhorn Steak House

The LONGHORN Steak House was built new in 2011 bringing outstanding dining to the Kingsport area. A better steak can't be found in this community. A welcomed restaurant to the residents after having enjoyed the old Western Steer on this site for 25 years prior. 

Digital Billboard

Allison Signs lease this site from BRAN. There's much to see here. Imagine having your business show up every few seconds multiple times daily over and over again.  Allison Signs can make that happen for you. Contact them for your business. They are located in the Tri-Cities and Nick Stickley with Allison Signs can help you make it happen


APPLEBEE'S has had a long term lease on the best corner in Kingsport.... the corner of Eastman Rd and 

E Stone Drive. 66,000 cars pass daily making it a perfect site for this restaurant. The lease ends in 2024 at which time BRAN Investments will re-develop or re-new. No better commercial site is found in Kingsport.

Exxon Gas Center

The service station has been with us for 30 years but has changed from Philliip 66 to Appco and now EXXON. It is located on the busiest corner in the Tri-Cities with 66,000 cars daily. It is full service station with a convenient store. No wonder it thrives and grows.